We love to conceive the camera and video camera not only as tools, but as ways of communicating, transmitting passion, emotion.


The beauty of a look, the harmony of a smile, the expressions of joy of the newlyweds, the touched faces of the parents, the happiness of the friends. Wonderful, unforgettable moments, which we love to capture in their spontaneity and naturalness. We aims to cover newlyweds doing thing, not posing. Which means masterfully grasping the magic of a moment, the uniqueness of the moment. Always with discretion, avoiding being intrusive and stressing the newlyweds extremely. In the wake of the journalistic reportage, of that wedding photojournalism which is based on a documentary approach and is the new frontier of modern photography applied to weddings.

Ciak Fotografia

Ours is a family-run company that in over one hundred years of history has been able to deserve the trust and esteem of customers, to become a leader in the wedding photography sector. A tradition that is renewed with wisdom, from the darkroom to digital, from videotape to HD technology, always aiming for excellence and the highest quality, through top-level equipment. And keeping a little secret, being guided by passion before by profession, taking with the enthusiasm of the first day and the desire, the pride of sculpting over time and making indelible unrepeatable moments. And if it is true that photographs can reach eternity through the moment, as Henri Cartier-Bresson said, we put our heart into transforming the most beautiful emotions into timeless memories, through a new and captivating perspective.







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